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In 1970, when the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches merged, the congregational church area was used as an educational centre, which included the Nursery School, who paid rent to St Mungo’s Church for the use of the property.
In 1983 the Church found that logistically it was not practical to have the Sunday School so far from the Church, so the Nursery School was sold to the Nursery School Parent Body.  A multi-purpose building, including the Sunday School was built on the St Mungo’s Church property.

Management Committee

The Nursery School then fell under the ownership of the Parent body, and every parent who has a child at the school is a member of the Association, which is an Association not for Gain. The school is run by a Management Committee, which consists of a minimum of 7 members who meet once a month. The function of this Committee is to manage the business of the school.


The PTA consists of a volunteer group of mothers who meet every now and then, under the guidance of a Chairlady.  This group is responsible for fund raising for the school. The PTA looks after the maintenance of equipment, the running of the library, and the care and maintenance of the garden.  Apart from the fund raising the PTA forms an integral part of the spirit of the BUNS family. The Principal attends the PTA meetings and this body is open to all mothers in the school.

The Staff

Mrs Jenny Davies is the Principal of the school. Jenny and all the staff are fully qualified teachers who meet with all the requirements of both the Gauteng Educational Department and the Association for Professional Teachers.

Policy and Programme

The school is registered with the Gauteng Educational Department and the Department of Social Welfare. We concentrate on developing the four main areas: physical, emotional, intellectual and social. The philosophy is based on an eclectic school of thought. The programme is structured to include creative activities, music, gross motor development, projects, outings, stories, pre-reading, pre-maths skills and language development.
We strive to create an environment that is conducive to individuality and creativity as well as developing skills required for formal learning. We like to instill old-fashioned values and to make our children aware of good manners, respect and self-discipline. Children are secure in a well-structured and loving environment where they know their limits and boundaries.
Education is never static and we are constantly learning as educators to be aware of trends and new ideas. We selectively implement these when we feel the children will benefit from them.
BUNS is more than a school, it is a family.

Points to Ponder

  1. Be careful when you talk at home that your child does not pick up negative or aggressive chat. We often talk of the times we live in, or have a slight complaint about the teacher – don’t talk in front of him!
  2. Never discuss your child’s progress in front of him – especially when you are talking to his teacher.
  3. Be an example of non-aggression. Teach your child to be gentle always but do allow him to assert himself, make choices and develop his will.
  4. Do keep in touch with your child’s teacher about his development.
  5. Do let the teacher know if anything different is happening in your child’s life i.e. a move, grandparents to stay, etc.
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