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Admission Policy

The final decision on admission is taken by the Principal and the Management Committee in March/April prior to the New Year and no guarantee of admission will be given prior to this date.
The following are the policy guidelines that we use:

  1. The prospective pupil must be 3 years old by 1st January of the admission year.
  2. Admission is processed according to how old the applicant is when application is made.  This gives children born in the latter part of the year an equal chance for admission.
  3. Preference is given to siblings of current pupils but these applications must be registered by December i.e.  if the pupil is to attend BUNS from January of the New Year, their application must be in by the December not just of the previous year, but the December prior to that –  in other words, a year before the child is due to start.
  4. Siblings of past pupils do get preference if their applications are in early enough i.e. these should be in by September – if the child is to start at BUNS in January 2017, the application must be in the office by September 2015.
  5. No one is moved up the list at random, in fact for any reason whatsoever.
  6. No staff member may give any guarantee of admission to any parent at any time.
  7. Admission applications will only be accepted for the appropriate year for the child’s age.
  8. BUNS reserves the right to interview any prospective pupil especially if the pupil has any developmental delays or challenges.  We support the inclusion policy wholeheartedly but we will only accept a special needs child into the school if the school is able to cater for the child’s specific needs.  While we will do everything we can to address the individual needs of the child, if we do feel that we cannot offer the best environment for the child, we will discuss this at length with the parents and make the decision thereafter. Each case is treated on its own merits.
  9. We reserve the right to terminate our contract with the parents of any child if we feel that to continue schooling here at BUNS is not, for whatever reason,  in the best interests of the child.
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