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7.30.a.m. School opens
8.00.a.m. Gate closes – all children to be at school
Free play in the classrooms for all classes.  This gives the teacher time to greet each child individually and to be able to observe free play, friendships, interaction etc.  The children enjoy this time of day so if you can get them here a little earlier than 8.00 a.m. it is really worthwhile.
8.00.a.m. First Ring for all classes. Then creative activities
9.00.a.m. approx. Outdoor play for Butterflies and Bees
9.15.a.m. approx. Outdoor play for Flowers and Snails
9.55.a.m. Toilet routine begins: Butterflies Bees, Flowers Snails
10.10.a.m Second Ring – music, movement, science, maths. Birthday ring if it is someone’s birthday , Snack Time
10.35.a.m. Outdoor play for everyone
11.15.a.m. Tidy up time
11.30.a.m. Toilet routine , Indoors – puzzles, perceptual games etc.
11.45.a.m. Story time for all classes.
12.00.p.m. – 12.30.p.m. Children may be collected. Those that are left in the classrooms will continue either with stories, or puzzles or games on the carpet. By 12.30 all children have been collected unless they are moving onto Aftercare. Aftercare until 2.00 P.M.
Monday: Music: All classes have a music lesson of half an hour with Natalie our Music teacher.
Tuesday: Yoga: Snails have Yoga from 9.00 – 9.30 a.m. Flowers have Yoga from 9.30 – 10.00 a.m.
Thursday: Playball: All classes have a playball lesson of half an hour with our Playball teacher Carol.
Friday: Baking: This is our main creative activity in each class.
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