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Bryanston United Nursery School

We at BUNS strive to create a happy and harmonious environment for all our children, irrespective of race, colour, creed or ability. We aim to educate, love and protect all those in our care. The children are encouraged to express their individuality while at the same time learning to play co-operatively with others, to adhere to certain routines and to respect their peers.

We promise to love your child unconditionally and fulfill all the child’s needs in every area of his development. We aim to educate and care for the whole child.

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In 1970, when the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches merged, the congregational church area was used as an educational center, which included the Nursery School, who paid rent to St Mungo’s church for the use of the property.

In 1983 the Church found that logistically it was not practical to have the Sunday School so far from the Church so the Nursery School was sold to the Nursery School Parent Body. A multi-purpose building, including the Sunday school, was built on the St Mungo’s property.

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Blocks develop the child's building and balancing skills, as well as their imagination. Many maths concepts are learned here...

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These are fun to play with and teach children about shapes, colours and spatial concepts. They are good for...

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Jenny Davies


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Linda Brown


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Helen Holmes

Bee Class Teacher: (Younger Group)

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Jenny has been at BUNS for 20 years and has a wealth of experience. She is fully qualified, with a B.A. degree and a B.Ed in the area of Early Childhood Education and has an additional diploma in Remedial Education but she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her position. Her passion in life is children so she is well positioned to fulfill that at BUNS. Jenny loves the school and often says she wishes she could take all the children home as her own!

Linda started at BUNS in 2005 so is very much part of the school family. She is a real “jack” of all trades and can be found doing any number of jobs (wherever she is required!). She is our School Secretary and so is the first person you meet when you arrive at BUNS; she also does all our accounts and day to day “money transactions”! Linda loves the little children and her office is often crowded by littlies asking for sweeties or stickers!

Helen started at BUNS as a young teacher in 2000 and taught here for two years before leaving to start a family. She then returned in January 2008 and has been teaching the little Bees ever since. She is a fully qualified pre-primary teacher with a solid J.C.E. foundation course behind her, and is well-loved by both children and parents. She has much experience of this age group and just loves her little children and is never happier than when she is sitting on the carpet surrounded by all her little friends!